Hi friends…I hope you all had a great weekend. We had family in town for a few days and had a great time! Jeremy’s Uncle Joe and Aunt Cyllene arrived in Eureka Springs around 6:00 o’clock Friday evening. They haven’t been to Eureka since we moved here, so it was nice for them to visit and get to see the house and our life in Eureka Springs. They brought us a dining room table and china hutch all the way from Oklahoma! They recently bought a house and their table was a little big for the space, so we were blessed with it!! We absolutely love it!! I bought some fabric today to make some new table cloths for it. I think it will really brighten up the room.


I really liked the colors in both of these and couldn’t choose just one! Me and my friend Cindy had a little girls day out today. We spent the day running around from store to store. Didn’t buy much…just did a lot of looking around. We had a great day and both needed some time away with a friend.

Back to the table…did I mention I love it? It is so long! That’s great for a lot of things, but what I am thinking is CRAFTS! I have so much room!! It is great for sewing…paper crafts….the wood signs. (I don’t have my own craft room just yet!) I just have so much room to spread everything out. I don’t feel like everything’s piled up on top of each other anymore. Not to mention, it’s just way better to look at than the other one we had!

I made a few cards yesterday and sewed my table cloths tonight. I have been so busy lately. It’s nice to just sit here and type a few words for my blog and relax. I’m ready for spring to get here. I want to see some flowers outside. Feel the warmth of the sun again. I’m going to make some spring cards or something. Maybe spring will get here faster that way?!

Here’s a card I made last night to show my thanks for the table.


I hope Aunt Cyllene likes it. She really liked the wood plaque I made them with the birds from my previous post. She hung it by her front door when they arrived back home and sent me a picture saying thank you and she loved it. I love making things for people.

This is random…Have you met my dog Lucy yet? She is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet…and I can almost promise that. I love this dog more than I thought I could ever love an animal. I’m going to leave you with a picture of her. I hope you love her as much as I do. Enjoy the rest of your week friends, I’ll see you in a few days!

Meet Lucy! 🙂


Who could resist this face?!