Hello dear followers. I am almost embarrassed to post on this forgotten blog. It’s been almost 2 months since my last post.  *speechless*

I’m setting a new goal for myself. Hoping this will help me on some level.

From today…I will blog everyday for…dum dum dum….ONE YEAR.

That’s right. Everyday.

At first I thought a year. Then it turned into 6 months. Almost like I knew I would fail. But, I’m going for it!  One whole year. 365 days.

What the heck will I blog about for a year? I have no clue. But, it’s something I need to do and I feel like once I get started I will really enjoy it. I need a little me time anyway. Maybe this will be it. 🙂

Please join me for this new path I am on.

Who knows…It could be super exciting!

See ya tomorrow!

Steph Shock