Oh Friday…how I love you.

Remember when Fridays were so happening? Like you always stayed up super late, maybe even went out with your friends. Those were the good old days. HUH?

Honestly I can’t wait to go to bed. I am tired! It’s 11 o’clock and I can barely stay awake.

I even made coffee and I just can’t stop yawning.

I am finally at the age where I can tell I’m feeling ‘older’. I know I’m not technically old. Well…maybe to a 16 year old. I thought 30 was old back in the day. It’s funny how things change. One day you’re young. The next you’re all grown up.

I had every intention of crafting tonight. Maybe once I finish this post I’ll get a spark of energy and decide to get moving. I have a card all laid out. Papers picked out and ready to cut. I just need the energy to get at the table and do it!! It’s Friday! I should be ready to party all night long! Where has my youth gone?

5 seconds later…

I’ll craft tomorrow. I have no plans. I am looking forward to crafting. I have so many cards I want to make. So many new things I want to try. I really want to get some new stamps. Maybe we can run to the craft store tomorrow?

Anyhoodles. I need some sleep.

Tomorrow I will share my crafts and let you know what me and the family are up too.

See ya then.

Steph Shock