Jeremy and I surprised the boys with a little night out tonight. We loaded up in the minivan and headed out to the movie theater! We’ve been waiting to see the movie Planes for a while now and thought it’d make for a great family fun night before school started. Let me just start out by saying, we had a great time tonight. I’m glad we went, but that movie was horrible. I thought maybe I was the only one that was disappointed with it, but even Atticus said it was boring.

Have any of you guys seen it? What were your thoughts?

This movie is worth a Redbox rental. Make sure and use your weekly free code when you get it.

We should have saved our $53 and done something else tonight.

In other news, I think we’ve decided to start school tomorrow. I signed the boys up on today. They are excited about learning on the computer. I think a mixture of that, paperwork, and fun learning activities we are going to have great success this year!

See ya tomorrow!

Steph Shock