We are looking forward to a very long day tomorrow. The kids have been on a count down for the last 7 days and their wait is finally over! Tomorrow we are taking the 3 kids and my mother in-law to Frontier City! YAY!

Bonus isn’t big enough to ride all the rides, but he would if he could. He is my little dare-devil.

It will be so nice to have Pam (mom-in-law) there to help with the kids. I’m sure the lines will be long and that will probably mean cranky children!

The high temp. for tomorrow is 97…I’m just happy it’s not 100+ although I’m sure it will feel like it.

Everyone is asleep and ready for the big day. I better hit the hay myself or I’ll be dragging my feet in the morning.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Steph Shock