Today was the day!

We advanced to week 3 of running couch to 5k and we ran (drum roll please) 3 minutes straight today!! I couldn’t believe it!

Here’s a look of what we will do this week.


I am so glad we re-ran week 2. I feel like we really benefited from the extra time to get our bodies ready for this week. It’s still amazing to me how hard it is to run for such a short amount of time. Who’d of thought it’d be hard to run for 3 minutes? That’s only 180 seconds!

I felt so good after our run today. I feel like we’ve really made some progress and we’re on the right track! I’m looking forward to our day off tomorrow, but I’m excited to get back out there Wednesday.

Are you a runner? Share your experience with me!! I want to know how you’re doing as well. It’s fun to keep each other motivated!!

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