Heyyyyy! It’s finally Friday ya’ll!!  It’s 11:00 here and I’m ready for bed. It’s funny how your wild Friday and Saturday nights change when you get older. I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow for my mom to pick up the kids and then I’m off to shop! A day of shopping without the kids….is it a special occasion or what? I wouldn’t mind getting a pedicure either, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Did you have a good Friday the 13th? Anything weird happen to you today? I normally don’t think twice about Friday the 13th. It’s just a normal day and I always laugh at my granny because she won’t go anywhere! This morning I woke up and felt really strange. I was so dizzy. I don’t know what my deal was.  I got dressed, ate breakfast, and later ended up feeling fine. I was just out of sorts this morning. After breakfast I headed out for my day. I was jamming to a little Justin Timberlake and BAM! A rock flies up and cracks our windshield! SERIOUSLY!? I couldn’t be mad. I mean…this is the day that would happen! It almost makes it funny. So…now that’s on my list of things to get fixed. Yippee!

Besides that I had a great day. Nothing else wacky happened thankfully. Maybe next Friday the 13th I should take my granny’s advice and not leave the house! 😉

Today was our running day. Boy were we tired! Towards the end of our week Jerms and I are wore out. I never know if we’re going to make the entire run. We always finish, but by the end I’m thankful it’s over. Running makes my feet tired. (I wonder why?! haha) They need a good massage. I’ve got warm rice packs on them right now. It feels so amazing.

I’ve got a little bit of work to finish up and then I’m off to bed.

The weather is going to be in the 80s here tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the nice weather!

Hope it’s nice wherever you are!

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