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It’s no secret…we know our kids names are a little different. Have you ever wondered why or how we came up with their names? We get asked often…especially on Bonus. They always ask twice, as if they miss heard what I said. Nope you heard right! It’s Bonus!!

Here’s the story if you’re interested.

Jeremy and I have been together for 11 years.  Marley was 2 when I met Jeremy. We always knew we wanted kids together and talked about it often. Believe it or not, we had both boys named 5 years before we ever got pregnant. These names weren’t something we threw together…they were perfectly planned.

Atticus Beeker Shock was born February 21st, 2008. We always loved the name Atticus. Most people assume it’s from the book To Kill a Mockingbird. I hate to break it to you, but it’s not. Jeremy recently read the book and loved it! He is proud to have his own little Atticus running around, but sadly had no importance to us when choosing his name. Beeker is like the muppet, but spelled differently. Beaker is Jeremy’s favorite muppet, but I wanted it spelt Beeker. I just liked the way it looked better. We had a few family members think we were pulling a joke on them. We wouldn’t really name our kid that, would we? We sure would! And we did!! Atticus Beeker is the perfect name! The name Atticus isn’t really as rare as you’d think. We come across quite a few on a regular basis. We haven’t ever met one with Beeker as his middle name yet!

My sweet Bonus Gibson Shock. This story is funny and a little embarrassing at the same time. Let me just break it to you quickly….Bonus is named after a cat. Yes…I said cat. Laugh all you want too!!!  Jeremy and I had moved in together and a friend mentioned she had kittens. We’d just got settled into our new apartment and thought a cat would be a great addition to our new little family. Kittens are adorable and instead of one, we ended up with two! Two of the best cats you could ever ask for. Manny and Bones. They were like our kids. We loved those cats. Sadly we don’t have the cats anymore. That in itself is a sad story that makes me mad every time I think about it. But, I won’t go into all that! Sometimes we called Manny-Manuel and Bones-Bonus. Gibson is a family name on the Shock side and a name we both really liked. One day one of us called the cat Bonus and it just clicked. Bonus Gibson. It was perfect. I guess you could say purrrfect. Hahaha I crack myself up! Most people assume Bonus was an accident. He wasn’t. We had his sweet name picked out years before we decide to try for baby number 2, and again people couldn’t wrap their head around his name. My grandma said “Well, I guess we can call him Bo!” I don’t think so….my childs name is Bonus! That’s what he will be called. It’s funny how normal it is now. They don’t even think twice about it.

I found this and it pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say, but couldn’t find in my own words.

On personalities attached to names:
“As a researcher, I have to say that we don’t know what, if any, the effects of names are. However, as a parent, my intuition tells me that it’s 100 percent true that it’s not the dominant effect on the human you become, but it probably plays a certain role. The name probably puts some constraints on you and opens up some opportunities. In my kids’ case, I know that, because they have the weirdest names in their schools, people have known who they are well before they’ve met them.”

I agree with what he says. Everyone already knows who Atticus and Bonus Shock are. I ran into a girl from high school last week and here’s how she introduces me to her husband. “Honey, this is Stephanie…she’s the one with the kids named Atticus and Bonus!” Yep…that’s me!! These kids are 4 and 5….by the time they are 18 everyone will know them and they’ll be impossible to forget.


Here’s one of our favorite pictures of them. Talk about unforgettable. I thought you’d enjoy it!

We have one more boy named picked out. I’m not sure at this moment in life if we will have another child. If we do, people will be surprised once again. I won’t ruin the surprise for ya. If we get pregnant, I’ll make sure and let you know what name we have come up with next! Believe me…it’s a good one!

Have a great night!

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