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I have great news!!! I got the cutest gift today from my friend. Check it out!


Morgan asked me to be her Matron of Honor!!!! I feel so honored!! I’ve never been anyones Matron of Honor before.  I’m so excited. She’s making a lot of her wedding decorations, so I’m sure we will have lots of late night crafting happening. It’s a good thing I started on my craft room tonight. We will have plenty of space to work in.

We had such great day today. Morgan brought her two boys, Mason and Easton, over and we had lots of chatting to do while they played. The boys had a blast! After they left, I got started on my craft room. We haven’t painted or done anything fancy yet. I did get my table moved in the room and stuff sorted out. At least I have my OWN space and I don’t have to craft at the dining room table anymore. I’m sooooo excited! Michelle (my boss) texted me at about 10 o’clock and decided we should take tomorrow off. I won’t argue with that. 🙂 We will have school and errands to run, but I’m looking forward to going in and making something in my new space!

Have a great Friday everyone!!!

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Hey everyone! I don’t know if you know this about me or not…I LOVE tattoos!

Luckily for me my husband Jeremy is super good at them!

Jeremy and I have been together for 11 years. He is my best friend. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Seriously. I love this man more than life. (you get the idea)

I’ve been wanting to get something special for him.

I told him I was ready and he drew something up for me. It was perfect! Last night the boys were with my mom, so we thought it’d be the perfect time to do it. I’m excited to show you how it turned out.

Here it is!


Isn’t it beautiful!!! He did such an amazing job. I admire him for all his talents. I swear…he is good at everything. I would love to have half the talent he has.

He has a blog called Jeremy Makes Stuff…If you are interested you should totally check it out! He’s always doing something and I laugh because it’s from one extreme to the other. I never know what he’s going to be up too.

Well folks…It’s late and I still need to get my crazy kids in the bath and ready for bed.

I hope you had the best weekend ever.

We are off to the State Fair tomorrow! I will take lots of pictures and make sure to share them with you tomorrow.

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We had the pleasure of having a date night tonight. The boys are at my mom’s house for the night and we decided to hit up a movie. We saw ‘We’re the Millers.’ It was hilarious. Seriously. It was a lot funnier than I expected. I heard its gotten some bad reviews, but I would recommend it to anyone that liked comedies.

After the movie was over we came home. It’s so quiet here without the boys. Lucy walks around and mopes when they’re not here. It’s kinda pitiful. I sure do miss them, but it’s nice to get some alone time with the hubby.

Photo on 8-17-13 at 11.54 PM

Jeremy is my best friend. So, lucky to have a husband that I enjoy being around. We have so much fun together. We’ve been together for 11 years and I think we have as much fun, if not more, than when we first started dating. I appreciate everything he does for us and our family. He’s a great dad to our kids and a great husband. Love you Jerms!! 

We’ve been sidetracked from our couch to 5k. I think we will start that back up tomorrow. I really want to start focusing on our diets and exercise more. That’s my next big change and scariest for me. It takes so much dedication and I’m so afraid of failing at it. But, trying is better than doing nothing about it. Right?!

Off to bed! See you folks tomorrow.

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