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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! What a great night for trick or treating. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect…it was 70 degrees outside today! I can’t remember the last time we had a nice Halloween and it wasn’t freezing cold. The boys had so much fun tonight. This was the first Halloween that they really enjoyed running up to the houses, knocking on the doors, and getting candy from everyone. They said ‘trick or treat!’ at every house and even ended with a thank you!!! I was so proud of them. By the end of the night they were saying, “Thanks! Have a good night!” It was hilarious.

I love these little goof balls!

photo 3

Speaking of goof balls…that would be my granny with a witch hat/wig on and my mother peeking over her shoulder!

photo 2

Notice Bonus checking out his bag of goodies! They could barely keep their hands out of the sacks. 🙂

We had a great night. Both boys complained of a belly ache. That’s a great sign that we got plenty of candy and should be on a sugar high for the next 12 months. Hahaha

I’m off to do a little work before get my beauty rest. Don’t forget to stop by http://www.diecutcrazymag.com for our blog hop tomorrow!! There’s going to be lots of goodies to be given away! Tell all your friends and check out details on the website.

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Hey there! Tonight I needed to make a quick gift for two special little girls, Avery and Amanda. At first I thought card…I love cards, but what do kids want? Candy of course…especially on Halloween! So, I went with this tag from Silhouette (free image) and revamped it! I had fun with these. I love the candy corn colors…that’s my favorite part. I sprayed them with my glitter spray (which I also love) and stitched the outside edges. I told you I’d be going stitch crazy…I wasn’t lying! 🙂

photo 1

photo 2I didn’t have any decorative treat bags on hand, so I cut off the zip lock part of a sandwich bag and voila…the perfect treat bag! I’m sure they will rip off the tag and go straight for the candy, but at least I think it’s cute!!

Thanks for checking in with me. Everyone have a safe and spooktacular Halloween! I’ll post pictures of the boys in their costumes tomorrow night.

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Today was a nice day. It was the first day this week that everyone was home all day together. I loved it. We ate together, played together, and worked together. It was fabulous. I crafted for a bit today. Have I mentioned how much I love having my own space? My table is in front of a window, so I opened the curtains and let the sunlight in while I worked on some stuff…it was awesome.

Here’s a card I finished up.

ScrapsNov. copy

I wanted to do something that used up some of my left over scraps from other projects. I already had this leaf image on my Silhouette Studio…it must have been on there when I got my cameo or was a free download…either way I was glad to see it on there when I needed it! Again, I used my sewing machine on the borders. I love incorporating it into my paper crafts. Such a neat idea….I can’t wait to experiment with this more.

I took the boys to trunk or treat tonight. They’re on the count down to how many days left before Halloween! We’ve been learning about days of the week in school, so this has been fun with Halloween approaching. Bonus was super shy and it took him about 10 minutes to finally get warmed up to the idea of being around so many unfamiliar people. Ultimately, the  idea of not getting any candy sunk in and he was ready to go. The boys looked so cute in their costumes. I didn’t get any great pictures tonight, so you’ll have to wait until Thursday to see what they are! Oh the anticipation!!

Jerms is off tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to another great day with my hubs. I better get some sleep…my alarm is set to go off bright and early tomorrow. Jeremy is already snoozing away…it’s rare that he’s ever asleep before me!

Enjoy your Monday!!

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Hello…Hello…Hello! ITS FRIDAY! Are you as thrilled as me? I got great news today from the doctor…I am officially released and don’t need anymore check ups. Yay!! I’ve been dealing with doctors for 6 months and could really go without seeing one for a while and be a happy girl.

I took the boys to the homecoming parade today. I snapped some pictures if you’re interested.

Here’s Atticus and Bonus waiting on the parade to start. Like I mentioned the other day…you can’t get a serious picture with Bonus. He always acts so silly. 🙂

photo 4

Only in Oklahoma do girls ride on trackers in a formal dress!!! I thought it was super cute and a great idea. I have to admit, I haven’t seen anyone else do that before.

photo 2

And you can’t forget the football team! Here is a picture of the little leaguers. They threw out the most candy!!

photo 1

They were all so excited.

We’ve had a great day so far and it’s only 4 o’clock. Rain is moving in this weekend, so we better get out and enjoy this nice weather.

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We found the coolest little gingerbread train at Wal-Mart this week. The boys had a great time decorating it and I snapped a few pictures to share with you guys!


Here’s all our supplies. The gingerbread smelled so yummy.


The boys were very excited about all the candy. I thought they were going to eat it all before we even got started.


Jeremy is the artist in the family, so he got to be the frosting/glue guy!


Decorating!! It was fun watching the boys try to figure out where to put their candy.


Bonus ate more candy than decorating.


Here’s our finished product!!

Now comes the really fun part…Lets Eat!!! 🙂