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I am not a coffee drinker. The smell of coffee is usually a major turn off for me. Lately though, I have had this strange craving for it. So….TODAY WE BOUGHT OUR VERY FIRST COFFEE MAKER! I feel like such an adult. 🙂


You should have seen us in the aisle…we looked totally lost. We know absolutely nothing about this subject. We ended up buying the smallest and cheapest one at Wal-Mart.  I had to read the coffee maker book to learn how to even make the first pot. We bought three different types of coffee to try. Dunkin’ Donuts, Millston Seasonal Holiday Peppermint blend, and Folgers Mocha Swirl. We haven’t tried the Dunkin’ Donuts yet. The other two are surprisingly good.

The main reason for this post is…I need some help!! Do you have a favorite brand or type of coffee? Any suggestions you can give me? Does anyone have the Keurig? If you do, do you love it?

Who knows how long this coffee thing will last. As of right now it feels good to have a warm cup of coffee and listen to some christmas music. It’s fun to try new things!

Please comment and let me know any of your coffee secrets. I need all the help I can get!