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Hi all!  This has been the longest gap between posts so far. I apologize. My intentions are to write at least once a week, but that didn’t happen last week. I’m here now and I guess that’s what really matters!! 🙂 I’ve done a lot of crafting lately. I won’t bore you with picture overload, but I will share a few cards I recently made.

Here’s an Easter card I made for a few family members. They received it today and loved it. This is one of my favorites so far!


The bunny and grass are from the Silhouette Online Store. The bunny was one of the free images of the week. I thought it turned out pretty cute.

My next card is for my grandma’s 72nd birthday. The flower image is another free download of the week. It’s actually this weeks free image, so if you haven’t grabbed it yet you should! I did mine smaller and didn’t use all the petals, but I really liked how it turned out. She loves to garden and I know she is looking forward to planting her flowers this spring/summer. I hope she loves it!


I sprayed some glitter spray on top to give it a little sparkle. I like it, but wish I wouldn’t have sprayed so much! -A little goes a long way-  The grass is the same grass from the other card. I think I’ve used it in the last 3 projects I’ve done!

Easter is coming up! Guess who’s excited? ME!! Easter Sunday we are leaving bright and early and heading out on a family vacation! I am so ready to get some alone time with my sweet guys. We live in Northwest Arkansas. It’s beautiful here in the Ozark Mountains, but we wanna go to the beach!! We are heading to Florida! Sunday we leave and will drive about 10-11 hours to stay the night with my cousin in Mississippi. She has lived there for a while now and we haven’t made it down to see her yet. That’ll be a nice place to stop, let the kids play and get some good rest. Monday we will drive on towards Florida and stay until Friday. Did I mention we are taking the 2 kids AND Lucy our dog? This should make for an interesting and unforgettable drive!! I am so ready to hit the road and see all the sights. As for the next few days I will be doing laundry, cleaning house, and packing. No fun at all. 😉 I promise to post while we are gone. I want to share all the pictures and any fun stories that come along. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great Easter!!

P.S. Today is Marley’s 13th birthday. Well…the 28th, it’s officially Friday here since it’s past midnight. I can’t believe she’s a teenager!! Kids grow up so fast.

erica gibson -125

I am so thankful I met her dad 11 years ago and had the opportunity to be this beautiful girls step-mom. She is the best big sister the boys could ask for and we can’t wait for her to come stay with us this summer. Love you Marley!!


Let me start off by saying…what a freaking week. As of Sunday I’ve put us on lockdown. No one leaves the house (besides taking the dog out) until at least Friday.

Let me catch you up a little.

Last Tuesday we left Eureka Springs and drove to Oklahoma. Nothing crazy…arrived around 5:30 and had dinner with the family. Wednesday I got my hair trimmed and saw the mother-in-law. Thursday was Atticus’ birthday!!! Didn’t do anything super crazy…had lunch with Jeremys cousins, opened some presents, visited with some friends, had birthday cake after dinner with family. Friday…We had Atticus a birthday party. It was great. A few of his friends came…they screamed and ran around like crazy…everyone had cake and ice cream…opened presents…more screaming and running…took Marley back home…and went to the big town of Minco Oklahoma to stay with my grandma. Talk about EXHAUSTING. We grabbed dinner on the way to Minco…ate…went to bed. Saturday around 4 am, I couldn’t sleep. I moved to the couch. 5 am….I’m SICK! I don’t remember being so sick. 7 am…here comes Atticus, who is also not feeling well. Needless to say, Saturday was horrible. I felt like death. (Ok…maybe I’m being a little dramatic) Sunday we drove home. Monday was our day of rest. We spent every single minute in bed. It is now Tuesday and I feel better. A lot better. Atticus is feeling a little better. Hasn’t ran a temp over 100 today. He is still sluggish. I wish so badly he will wake up tomorrow morning and feel 100% better. Thankfully Jeremy and Bonus have felt great. I pray that no one else gets sick. Today I lysoled anything that I thought Atticus may have touched. Lysol is a mothers best friend.

Here’s a picture of Atticus with his Mario cake! He had a great birthday with his friends. 


Today is the first day in a week…yes a week…i’ve been able to make anything. I haven’t used my die cut machine in a week. (I cannot believe it.) I decided to make a card for the wonderful lady who made Atticus his birthday cake. This card gave me nothing but trouble and I feel like it came out looking like a big Easter egg, but it serves its purpose. Sorry, for my negative ranting…I will offset it with something positive…I have been using Silhouettes brand of glitter and love it. I received the glitter and double-sided adhesive paper with my Cameo bundle. I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked. A little bit of glitter goes a long way. My new motto: When in doubt…use glitter.

photo 1

Are you seeing the easter egg reference here? I love these colors together, but there is something about it that is just not working for me. Heck…maybe it’s the shape of the ovals I cut out in the purple layer…or maybe I’ve just been looking at it for too long. Anyhoodles…I love the glitter.

photo 2

Here is the final outcome. I like it. It’s not my favorite….but, it is better than any card I could have bought from Wal-Mart. So that makes it okay in my book! 🙂

For the inside, I cut some pink card stock and sprayed it with my Krylon glitter spray. (That is another favorite item I’ve grown to love.) I will have to pick up an extra can of that when I go back to Hobby Lobby. I used my Silhouette sketch pens to write in my “thank you” and I was finished.

photo 3

Even though this card was simple, it took me way to long to make. It was nice to sit down at the table and create something again. It has been the only time since Saturday where I’ve felt a little bit of peace…and I am grateful for that.

I have 2 more days of “lockdown” and I need to be productive. What shall I create tomorrow? Something fun and exciting?! I hope so!! I need to clean. My mom-in-law is coming this weekend to visit. We need to be healthy…clean…and happy by Friday. Wish us luck!! 😉

Before I go, I want to give my husband Jeremy a shout out!! Thank you so much for taking care of Atticus and me while we’ve been sick. You are the best husband I could have ever imagined having. I love you.

Thanks for reading everyone! See ya next time.

Trying to think positive! -Steph Shock