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I love Saturdays. So laid back with nowhere to rush off to. The boys and I did some grocery shopping today. While we were getting ready the door bell rang. I assumed it was my mother-in-law, who was going shopping with us, but when I opened the door it was four little kids asking if the boys could come out and play. Huh? When did this happen? My boys are to little for this!! Before I know it, they will be running all over town with friends. I seriously can’t even believe that. I wish I could just stop time…I don’t want them to grow up!!

After we did our grocery shopping, the boys friends came back over and they played outside for hours. It’s November and it’s freaking gorgeous outside. It’s almost ridiculous how nice the weather has been lately. We walked to the park and played and then headed back home. We had a big night of fun ahead….BABYSITTING!  We had the chance to watch our neighbors little girl tonight….she’s six months old and just precious. We had a good time and the boys were awesome with her. They were so gentle and loving. It was nice to see them with her and not the rough and tough brothers I’m use to seeing on most nights. They are the best kids I could have ever imagined having. I feel lucky to be their momma.

Well, everyone’s tucked into bed and I’m still up watching Netflix. I feel like I may be catching a cold. Yuck! I’m starting to get congested and that is horrible for me. I’d rather get stabbed in the leg  (maybe I’m exaggerating) than have a head cold. Nothing is more frustrating than a stuffy nose when you’re laying in bed trying to get to sleep and you can’t breathe! On that note, I’m going to take some meds and hope that it’ll knock it out.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday and have a great Sunday with your family.

Thanks for reading!

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Hello friends. What a wonderful Saturday.

*Here’s a few fun facts about my day*

Our weather was perfect.

I got my grocery shopping done.

Cleaned house a little bit.

Jerms did some woodworking in the garage.

Kids are off having fun with Mimi and Nannie.

Had a nice dinner with Jerms plus a few others.

Saw a friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in years.

Tried to FaceTime with the boys, but they are having too much fun to talk with mom!!

I still need to fold the last load of laundry. I hate folding laundry. Unless it’s towels….Those are quick and painless.

Spent good quality time with my granny.

No running today. Off until Monday. I am not complaining about that. I am enjoying the break.

I feel like a had a pretty successful day.

I still need to get some work done on the magazine.

Thanks for following and reading my daily blogs!

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