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Look! Look! Look!

Remember yesterday I told you we had fall pictures taken of the boys…well, I got a preview from Erica today!

Check out my little stud muffins.

IMG_5361 IMG_5362

I can’t believe how big the are getting. They have grown up and changed so much since last fall. Bonus is such a ham. He is not camera shy at all! We got a few really great pictures of him and his silly faces. I think he will appreciate them when he’s older. 🙂


These boys are more then I could’ve ever expected when I dreamed of having kids. They make me laugh everyday. Yes..sometimes they drive me crazy, but it’s worth every minute. I love being their momma.


Thank you Erica for the great pictures. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.32.41 AM


My Bonus…I’ve wrote about him many of times. It’s never a dull moment with this kid.He never lets me take a serious picture of him! We don’t know how he ended up a morning person, he gets his feelings hurt easily, and the strongest 4-year-old I know. Him and Atticus like to ‘kick’ dads butt! My baby is not a baby anymore. He is growing up to be a big boy.

Here’s some pictures of our mommy and Bubba day out.

photo 3

^ We went grocery shopping today. I said “Let’s send a picture to dad!” This is the face I get.

photo 1

^ Here was a second try! I told him to smile.

Bonus gets his personality from his dad. Full of energy, life of the party, and hilarious. I guess those are 3 great traits to add to a list of other amazing things.

Here’s the last and final picture I got of him today on our Wal-Mart adventure.

photo 2

What can I say…Looks like a total heartbreaker! He’s going to be trouble when he gets older. I am dreading those teenage years. Why can’t they stay babies forever? I’m glad I got to spend some one on one time with my Mister B today. He is growing up to be an amazing little boy.

Goodnight everyone.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.32.41 AM

What a day! I feel like since I’ve changed my attitude things are so much better. Who would have thought?

I’m not perfect, although I like to make people think that. My kids drive me nuts most days. You know what has helped me with that? I’ve excepted them for who they are. Kids are kids. Bonus and Atticus are so different. Atticus is calm, quiet (most of the time), and likes to cuddle. Bonus is my little wild man. He is running non stop, loud, and full of life 24/7. It’s hard for me to get Bonus to calm down. Why does he have so much energy? It was a constant battle between him and me all day, until my husband said to me “That’s just how Bonus is. We have to accept him for that. We shouldn’t try to change him.” Why did it take him saying that for me to figure it out? #1 mom here shouldn’t need someone to tell her that. I’ve realized lately I’ve been a little on edge. I can’t snap at the kids because they’re having fun. Maybe they’re being to loud. I’ve realized the kids don’t know why I’m upset if I don’t explain why I need them to be quieter. If I freak out on them they think they’re in trouble for simply having fun! How wrong is that?

Not only has it helped them, it’s helped my attitude tremendously. Thanks to my husband I’ve been able to step back and take a look at myself. I feel less tense. The kids listen better. Overall there’s a better vibe in the house.

Today I took the kids over to play with their friend Foster. Here’s a picture of all three boys. It’s hard to get them to look at the camera at the same time.


The boys had a great time playing with Foster. I think we are taking them to the zoo next week since the weather has been so nice! They will love that. After we left Foster’s house, we had dinner with Pam (mom in law) and headed home. We had a great day today. I love my boys.

Just know if your kids drive you nuts…you’re not the only mom that feels that way. Just take a deep breath and accept it. We’re not perfect and neither are they. No matter what is going wrong, it could always be worse. Being a parent is tough, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.32.41 AM

Work, work, and more work.

Do you ever put your work off until the last-minute and then you’re overloaded with 100 things? I do this all the time. I justify it though. At least I’m putting off work to spend time with my family, right? Most nights I stay up until 1 or 2 o’clock, working and answering emails. I get lots of things done in those hours. Kids are sleeping and it’s nice quiet. It’s all fine and dandy until the next morning and I don’t want to wake up because I’m extremely tired.

I need to find a better way to manage my time throughout my day. I know there’s plenty of time I could do things here and there and not put it off until the end of the day or even week. Working from home is harder than one thinks. Especially when you have small children. How do you possibly get everything done in one day? Believe me, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love that I have the option to work from home . I am not complaining, but asking for your help. Do you work from home? What have you found most beneficial for you at managing family and work?

Any tips help.

I better get to work. Tomorrow is Monday and there are lots to be done!

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy (the always dreaded) Monday!! 🙂

Steph Shock

Hi! My name is Stephanie…I like to go by Steph. I’m a wife and a mom. My family and I live in Eureka Springs Arkansas. If you’ve never been here you should definitely come. It’s an amazing place. We had dreamed of moving here for about 9 years…In may of 2011 we finally did it! We love it here. It’s a great place to raise a family. I have two boys. Atticus Beeker is 4 years old. He will be 5 in February. (It’s amazing how fast time flies when you have kids.) Bonus Gibson…yes my sons name is Bonus…is 3. He is a handful. There is NEVER a dull moment with him around. I also have a step-daughter named Marley. She’s about to be a teenager! Whoa!! My husband Jeremy and I have been together since 2002. He is my best friend. So lucky to have found him. It still amazes my everyday how happy we are together. I will post some pictures of the family in my next post!! I’m sure you can’t wait! 😉

I’m new to the blog world so bear with me! I will be posting lots of fun family stuff. Family activities…crafts…homeschool fun…food! I love to do it all…but most importantly…I love to involve the family in things. We like to spend as much of our time together as possible. That’s an understatement…we spend ALL our time together, but we love it!!!

Well…this is a short post. I’m going to check out all the cool things I can do on here and make this blog look good!!

Talk to you soon!