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Listen up people. I have something to admit.

I need some help!

I have gotten so lazy lately. I can try to find a million things to blame it on. Work…kids…house work…whatever.

Basically everything is done that needs to be done, but my craft time always gets shoved on the back burner. I want to craft, but by the time I get a chance to sit down…I’m tired. I haven’t finished my craft room yet, so I have to drag all my stuff out of the closet. That alone is enough for me to be turned off by the idea.

I guess first things first. I need a space that is dedicated to my craft materials. I don’t like leaving it out on my dining room table. We eat there every meal and I just don’t like the mess being in my face all day. I must get the craft room organized. Even if the walls aren’t painted, there’s no reason why I can’t set up tables and stuff. Right? Why haven’t I thought about this before? (Probably out of laziness.)

What do you do when you get unmotivated? I need help! How do I work, clean, home school, cook, exercise, spend time with family, and craft on a daily basis? I know I don’t have to finish a project every time I sit down, but once I sit down I don’t want to stop until it’s finished! I just feel like I don’t have enough time in my days. It’s very frustrating. There’s gotta be a way to manage my time better…make better use of the time I do have.

If you have suggestions please share! I want to get out of this rut I’m in. Somebody come help! I need a craft room stat! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend.

It’s raining here. We’re in a significant weather advisory for our county. High winds and possible hail. I love rain, but storms in Oklahoma just freak me out. The older I get, the more of a baby I am!! I’m worse than the kids when it comes to this stuff!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.32.41 AM

Hello all! It’s Wednesday and our week is half way over!! I am so ready for the weekend. Not that I have big plans. I mean…Jerms and I may run to Sams Club! Oh yea!!! Sounds like an exciting time.

Guess what? I finally got my wedding ring back on! This is the first time since the wreck (5 months) that I’ve been able to wear it. My finger is still swollen…I’m thinking this is as good as it will get. I’ve been teasing my husband how free I feel not having to wear it. Hahaha Truth is I hate not wearing it. I’ve never went without it until now and I just feel naked! Being able to get it on makes me happy!

We did our running tonight. Week 3 day 2. I know I say this every time…I feel so good after our runs. Like I can take on the world! It’s crazy how it makes you feel so powerful. Does running make anyone else feel that way?! I guess it’s just the accomplishment that makes me that way…I’m so proud of us. I was trying to calculate how long we’ve been running now. I believe we started about 3 weeks before we started the C25k. We are technically on week 4, because we re-ran week 2. So, we’ve been actively running for 7 weeks! I am so proud of my husband and me for keeping this up! More big news!! I weighed today and I’ve lost 5 pounds!!!! Now that is motivation to keep on running!

I bought new shampoo and conditioner today. In a weird way…I love buying stuff like this. Any time I buy new household stuff, I have to test it out that day. It can’t wait! I even told my husband a few months ago, I’d like to get Febreeze for Christmas. I’m not lying either. My mom bought me a Swiffer once and I was in Heaven. Those floors were spotless after she left. She would call and ask what I was doing, “Oh you know…Just swiffering.” 🙂  So needless to say my hair feels great. I even bought some type of sea salt Moroccan spray. Spritzed that baby in my hair and now it’s air drying as I type.

Did you do anything quite as exciting as me today? What type of weird stuff do you do? Do you secretly love to Febreeze your entire house? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.32.41 AM

P.S. My hubs also started his own blog! Stop by and say hello! Click Here!

Running. What can I say….We started Couch to 5k last week. We finished one day and…(silence)  Things just came up! Weather was bad, blah blah blah.

Well…I’m happy to say we started back this week! Monday was our first day back and it went really well. If you’ve never used the app before, let me just fill you in on a few details.

Couch to 5k is an app on the iPhone. (I’m sure you can probably get it on other devices…I’m just not aware of all of them.) It’s a 9 week program that slowly builds you up and teaches you to run long distances. I will admit I can barely jog one full lap around a track. I’ve never been a runner. I’ve never enjoyed it. I’ve seen plenty of people who jog and have always admired them. The first week we will jog every other day. You start with a brisk 5 minute walk and then comes the fun part…running. You will run for 1 minute. Sounds easy right? Well…the first one is. It’s a total breeze. After your 1 minute, you walk for a minute and a half. You will repeat this as you run a total of 8 times and finish with a cool down 5 minute walk.

I was tired. There were plenty of times I wished Jeremy would say “Okay…I’m done for today. Let’s just quit.” He never did. I kept telling myself “You can do this. Just keep going. You’re not going to die!” I’m happy to announce…We did it!! We did the entire thing today and by the end of it I was still alive and breathing. Not to mention I actually felt great!! I felt accomplished. I really did it. It may not be much for some, but it’s huge for me. It’s a little baby step to what is to come and I am excited to see what I can complete in the 9 weeks.

Again…It helps that Jeremy and I are doing this together. He is a great partner and motivator.

I am grateful that tomorrow is our rest day, but looking forward to another great day Friday.

See you tomorrow!

Steph Shock

Today is the day…I decided it’s time to make the big change. The one I’ve been dreading! It’s time to get healthy!! I love food. I love convenience . Some days I don’t want to cook and it’s just easier to grab something quick. Not anymore. I’m tired of having no energy, being weighed down by the extra weight, and I want to show a healthy example for the kids.

Today I stocked up on veggies. Have you heard of Sprouts? If you have one in your area, it’s worth the trip. I was amazed at their prices and the selection is amazing. Most health food stores are outrageously priced. Sprouts is not. I got so much stuff for very little.


Look at all this yummy goodness. I am so ready for this change. I need it. Heck we all need it!!

We also started back at our running tonight. My legs are so tired. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I can do it! I need to stay motivated. It helps that Jeremy is running with me!  How do you stay motivated with food and exercise? Do you have any favorite websites? Magazines? Please share. I would love the help.

Tomorrow we start back juicing. I love juicing. It is amazing. The only thing I dislike about it, the clean up!! Yuck! Have you ever seen the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead? You must watch it! It will change your life. It was on Netflix…I need to look and see if it’s still on instant stream. It is highly motivating.

Welp…I’m off to bed. I need a good nights rest after our run today!

See you tomorrow.

Steph Shock