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It’s 2:30 am and I just ate dinner. I’m blogging from the road tonight. Heading to Lorain OH and not for vaca…It’s all business folks. My brother and I have been on the road since 4 o’clock and only stopping for bathroom breaks. I just finished my driving session…I had plenty of time to think while my brother was sleeping and it donned on me that I still needed to blog!!!! Thank goodness for iPhones!
We have another 7.5 hours to go before we deliver our load and turn around to head back to Oklahoma. It’s been nice getting to spend time with Brody. It’s probably the most time we’ve spent together since I was in high school. I sure do miss my boys. Can’t wait to get home and get some hugs and kisses.
Well…I’m off to get some rest. Wish us safe travels.
See ya tomorrow!
Steph Shock


Today is our last full day in Eureka Springs. Although I will be sad to leave, we are ready to get back home. It’s been amazing staying with our friends. Much better than staying in a hotel, but it’s never the same as your own bed.

Today we did a little exploring around town, enjoyed lunch at Magnetic Spring, and took the boys to the park.

photo 2

It was the perfect weather for the park. We had a great time while we were there. Eureka has a really great park. It’s definitely one of our favorites.

Eureka has also added a music park recently. We stopped by and played some of the musical sculptures. The boys had a lot of fun here!

photo 1

After we were done playing around, we headed back to the house. The boy ran into an old friend and played around for a while, jumped on the trampoline, and then watched a little bit of Netflix while I did some work.  While the boys and I were hanging around the house, Jeremy and a few friends went cave exploring! Here’s a picture he texted me while they were out and about.

photo 4

Isn’t this awesome!? They had a lot of fun and came back with cool stories about their adventure. Maybe next time I’ll have to go!!

I’m sad to see our vacation coming to an end…We’re back on the road tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I will be blogging from my own comfy bed!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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