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Well…I must admit. We took the last week off from our normal running routine. You know how easy it’d be to quit since we didn’t run in over a week? For me…pretty darn easy.

We took the week off for a few different reasons. 1. I didn’t feel like running with such a fresh tattoo, especially since it was on my leg and was pretty large. 2. We went out-of-town and weren’t really sure how to occupy the kids while we were on our runs. Right now, we run around the park. They play…we run. Easy enough.

I’m glad I got my lazy butt up tonight and did it. I was dreading it. I thought it was going to be a lot harder since we’d taken that time off. Any other time, I’d probably just got out of routine and quit. I’m a big quitter when it comes to diet and exercise. It’s just so much easier to be lazy and eat junk. I hate to admit that, but it’s true.

I think I’m going to set a goal. I want to do a 5k. It’s something I’ve never done before and I really wanna do it!! I’m thinking about Thanksgiving day. I think it’d be the perfect day and I’d never forget my first 5k being on Thanksgiving. Plus, it gives us plenty of time to get ready.

I’m so excited just thinking about it!

I’m off to do some 5k research.


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Heyyyyy! It’s finally Friday ya’ll!!  It’s 11:00 here and I’m ready for bed. It’s funny how your wild Friday and Saturday nights change when you get older. I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow for my mom to pick up the kids and then I’m off to shop! A day of shopping without the kids….is it a special occasion or what? I wouldn’t mind getting a pedicure either, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Did you have a good Friday the 13th? Anything weird happen to you today? I normally don’t think twice about Friday the 13th. It’s just a normal day and I always laugh at my granny because she won’t go anywhere! This morning I woke up and felt really strange. I was so dizzy. I don’t know what my deal was.  I got dressed, ate breakfast, and later ended up feeling fine. I was just out of sorts this morning. After breakfast I headed out for my day. I was jamming to a little Justin Timberlake and BAM! A rock flies up and cracks our windshield! SERIOUSLY!? I couldn’t be mad. I mean…this is the day that would happen! It almost makes it funny. So…now that’s on my list of things to get fixed. Yippee!

Besides that I had a great day. Nothing else wacky happened thankfully. Maybe next Friday the 13th I should take my granny’s advice and not leave the house! 😉

Today was our running day. Boy were we tired! Towards the end of our week Jerms and I are wore out. I never know if we’re going to make the entire run. We always finish, but by the end I’m thankful it’s over. Running makes my feet tired. (I wonder why?! haha) They need a good massage. I’ve got warm rice packs on them right now. It feels so amazing.

I’ve got a little bit of work to finish up and then I’m off to bed.

The weather is going to be in the 80s here tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the nice weather!

Hope it’s nice wherever you are!

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Hello all! It’s Wednesday and our week is half way over!! I am so ready for the weekend. Not that I have big plans. I mean…Jerms and I may run to Sams Club! Oh yea!!! Sounds like an exciting time.

Guess what? I finally got my wedding ring back on! This is the first time since the wreck (5 months) that I’ve been able to wear it. My finger is still swollen…I’m thinking this is as good as it will get. I’ve been teasing my husband how free I feel not having to wear it. Hahaha Truth is I hate not wearing it. I’ve never went without it until now and I just feel naked! Being able to get it on makes me happy!

We did our running tonight. Week 3 day 2. I know I say this every time…I feel so good after our runs. Like I can take on the world! It’s crazy how it makes you feel so powerful. Does running make anyone else feel that way?! I guess it’s just the accomplishment that makes me that way…I’m so proud of us. I was trying to calculate how long we’ve been running now. I believe we started about 3 weeks before we started the C25k. We are technically on week 4, because we re-ran week 2. So, we’ve been actively running for 7 weeks! I am so proud of my husband and me for keeping this up! More big news!! I weighed today and I’ve lost 5 pounds!!!! Now that is motivation to keep on running!

I bought new shampoo and conditioner today. In a weird way…I love buying stuff like this. Any time I buy new household stuff, I have to test it out that day. It can’t wait! I even told my husband a few months ago, I’d like to get Febreeze for Christmas. I’m not lying either. My mom bought me a Swiffer once and I was in Heaven. Those floors were spotless after she left. She would call and ask what I was doing, “Oh you know…Just swiffering.” 🙂  So needless to say my hair feels great. I even bought some type of sea salt Moroccan spray. Spritzed that baby in my hair and now it’s air drying as I type.

Did you do anything quite as exciting as me today? What type of weird stuff do you do? Do you secretly love to Febreeze your entire house? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.32.41 AM

P.S. My hubs also started his own blog! Stop by and say hello! Click Here!

Today was the day!

We advanced to week 3 of running couch to 5k and we ran (drum roll please) 3 minutes straight today!! I couldn’t believe it!

Here’s a look of what we will do this week.


I am so glad we re-ran week 2. I feel like we really benefited from the extra time to get our bodies ready for this week. It’s still amazing to me how hard it is to run for such a short amount of time. Who’d of thought it’d be hard to run for 3 minutes? That’s only 180 seconds!

I felt so good after our run today. I feel like we’ve really made some progress and we’re on the right track! I’m looking forward to our day off tomorrow, but I’m excited to get back out there Wednesday.

Are you a runner? Share your experience with me!! I want to know how you’re doing as well. It’s fun to keep each other motivated!!

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What a day.

That’s all I’ve got.

Not a bad day and not a super excellent one either.

I’ve got a headache. I blame it on the bad food we ate for dinner. We have been eating so healthy lately. Today I gave in. I ate taco bell and I truly believe that’s why I’m feeling so yucky. Was it worth it? I think not.

Maybe I will learn my lesson.

Why is eating healthy so hard? I can conquer so many other ‘hard’ things, but eating healthy is such a job. It’s just an excuse…I already know it’s not any harder to eat healthy things compared to processed foods. But why do we make such excuses for ourselves? Convenience? Taste?

This day in age we are accustomed to eating bad. I don’t want my kids growing up that way. I was never taught how to eat healthy growing up. We ate whatever, whenever, and however much we wanted. I loved it. We had soda all day everyday.

And now my body is addicted to all this crap!!

“I want to be healthy. It’s not hard. I CAN do it.”

I’ve got to keep repeating that over and over. All day long.

I need to look into healthy recipes. Become a better cook…Keep running.

There are so many things I need to do…


Tomorrow is a new day. Back to eating right and running!

We are going to re-run week 2 and see how that goes.


I’m off to take a hot bath and relax. Maybe that’ll take care of this lingering headache.

Have a great Wednesday.

Steph Shock

I am so thankful tomorrow is a holiday and we have another day off. All around great weekend. So great that I need an extra day to recoup. 😉

Marley goes back home tomorrow. I love when we she comes to spend the weekends with us. She will go home tomorrow and come back Friday, so she won’t be gone to long! Next weekend we’re going to an amusement park! The kids are on a countdown! 7 more days!

Today was our running day. This week has been harder than I expected. Jeremy’s knees have been bothering him and I feel like a big sack of bricks. I think we may do week 2 again, just to make sure we are 100% ready to start week 3. Although we did make it the entire time…I barely made it. I wanted to quit so bad, but I didn’t. I guess that is a good thing!

Anyone doing couch to 5k experience the same thing? Did you move along to the next week or repeat the week? I’m kinda back and forth. I feel like we should move forward and just push through, but at the same time I want to make sure we are physically ready. I don’t know what to do!! Help!

Besides running, we just hung out around the house. Jeremy made a great dinner tonight. (I love when he cooks.) I did laundry and other boring stuff like cleaning etc. It always feels good to have a clean house. Now that I think about it…I still have a load of towels in the dryer. Ugh! That means I still have one more load to fold!!!

I better go and get that done before I forget again.

See you all tomorrow.

Have a great Labor Day!!!

Steph Shock

P.S. Am I the only one in shock that it’s already September?! Where has the year gone!!??

I have a feeling this will be a short post. Typing and yawning…I can barely keep my eyes open.

We had a ridiculously  busy evening. Once we finally got home and made dinner for the kids, it was already 8:30. Guess what today was? Oh yea…our running day!! Thankfully Marley was here, so we fixed them dinner and got them sat down to eat and Jeremy and I went for our run. We ARE dedicated people! I’m glad we went…I definitely didn’t want to miss todays run. It would have been real easy to say “Let’s just do it tomorrow…or the next day.” Who knows if we would have ever done it!!

I feel great and today I got on the scale…drum roll please…I LOST 1.5 pounds. That’s right…1.5!! It may not be much, but I’m doing it! I was so excited to see that 1 pound gone this morning. Great motivation to keep on going! Total goal I want to lose is 25 pounds. I feel like that’s very doable for me. I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes again. That’s not too much to ask!!

Here’s what we did tonight on our run!


I downloaded this app called RunKeeper. It tracks your miles, duration, calories, etc. It’s really cool! If you have the app, add me as your friend! We can be running buddies. 🙂

As I mentioned before…I’m exhausted. I am so glad tomorrow is Saturday! Although I have lots of things to wrap up for Die Cut Crazy…I can relax and work on my computer from home. Not to mention the best part…I get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Thank you Lord! I am so behind on my sleep!

Have a great weekend!

Steph Shock