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Oh my word. I think I over did it today. I just sat down and my back and legs are so tired! At least the house is clean, last load of laundry is in the dryer, I’m 3/4 done with the DCC Holiday Issue, and tomorrow we get our new puppy! Oh yea!!! How great will this weekend be?! The boys are staying the night with GramGram tonight. I’m leaving bright and early in the morning to meet the lady with Juno. She is in Northwest Arkansas and was nice enough to meet us about 1/4 of the way. It knocks about an hour off the 4 hour drive. I’ve got the crate ready, a blanket, pee pad in case of accidents or car sickness (Lucy gets extremely car sick…hoping this one is a better passenger), collar and leash. I hope I’m not forgetting anything, but no worries. I’m just so ready to go…I hope I can get some sleep tonight. I hate when you are anxiously waiting and you lay in bed all night just tossing and turning! Super annoying!!! Maybe since I’m so worn out from house work and running around today, I’ll sleep like a baby. I can only hope.

OH! I wanted to share something with you guys! Lately, I’d say within the last few months, I’ve had oily hair. Not really all over…just at my roots. It’s like I could wash my hair, blow dry it, and it seemed like my roots were never washed. It was extremely annoying. My hair has never been that way. I couldn’t even wear my hair down, because I was afraid it was so obvious that it was embarrassing. So…what do I do? Well first I switched shampoo and conditioner thinking that would solve the problem. Wrong! It didn’t do anything. I was bummed. I gave it a few weeks and by this time I was fed up. What did I need to do? Buy some pricey shampoo? As much as I love professional shampoo, it’s just not always in my budget. For my last attempt I went straight to Pinterest. Why didn’t I think of that 2 months ago? I searched and searched and read other people’s blogs and websites. One thing came across and was reasonably priced so I decided to try it. Others had said it worked well for them and at less than $5 a bottle I wasn’t losing much by giving it a try.

Here’s what I tried.

NeutrogenaLet me just say….I freaking love this stuff. It works amazing!! I seriously could not be more impressed for it to cost a whopping $4 and some change. It says on the box to only use about once a week. It’s definitely not a shampoo you want to wash every day with. After one wash, I could tell it worked wonders. I waited a few days and gave it another wash and it is 100% back to where I wanted it to be. I am so happy to be able to straighten my hair and not pull it up in a bun or pony tail because my hair is nasty. Thank you Neutrogena!!

Here’s a picture from today after I straightened it.

HairI’ve been growing my hair out for a while now. I think the last time my hair was this long I was in 6th grade. Maybe elementary school…I don’t know. All I know is my hair finally feels good and I owe it all to Pinterest and this shampoo. Well and Jeremy….he actually bought the shampoo for me! If you’ve had hair problems like me, check this product out. I was skeptical, but it really works. It really gets all that build up that can leave your hair feeling gross and takes care of it in a jiffy. I found it at Target, but I’m sure most retailers carry it. It was a little hard to find, but just keep looking! It’s there somewhere.

Well, I better try to get some rest before my big day tomorrow. The boys are really looking forward to seeing their new puppy! I will make sure and post pictures tomorrow. Have a great weekend y’all!!

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Hello all! It’s Wednesday and our week is half way over!! I am so ready for the weekend. Not that I have big plans. I mean…Jerms and I may run to Sams Club! Oh yea!!! Sounds like an exciting time.

Guess what? I finally got my wedding ring back on! This is the first time since the wreck (5 months) that I’ve been able to wear it. My finger is still swollen…I’m thinking this is as good as it will get. I’ve been teasing my husband how free I feel not having to wear it. Hahaha Truth is I hate not wearing it. I’ve never went without it until now and I just feel naked! Being able to get it on makes me happy!

We did our running tonight. Week 3 day 2. I know I say this every time…I feel so good after our runs. Like I can take on the world! It’s crazy how it makes you feel so powerful. Does running make anyone else feel that way?! I guess it’s just the accomplishment that makes me that way…I’m so proud of us. I was trying to calculate how long we’ve been running now. I believe we started about 3 weeks before we started the C25k. We are technically on week 4, because we re-ran week 2. So, we’ve been actively running for 7 weeks! I am so proud of my husband and me for keeping this up! More big news!! I weighed today and I’ve lost 5 pounds!!!! Now that is motivation to keep on running!

I bought new shampoo and conditioner today. In a weird way…I love buying stuff like this. Any time I buy new household stuff, I have to test it out that day. It can’t wait! I even told my husband a few months ago, I’d like to get Febreeze for Christmas. I’m not lying either. My mom bought me a Swiffer once and I was in Heaven. Those floors were spotless after she left. She would call and ask what I was doing, “Oh you know…Just swiffering.” 🙂  So needless to say my hair feels great. I even bought some type of sea salt Moroccan spray. Spritzed that baby in my hair and now it’s air drying as I type.

Did you do anything quite as exciting as me today? What type of weird stuff do you do? Do you secretly love to Febreeze your entire house? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.32.41 AM

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