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Hello friends. What a wonderful Saturday.

*Here’s a few fun facts about my day*

Our weather was perfect.

I got my grocery shopping done.

Cleaned house a little bit.

Jerms did some woodworking in the garage.

Kids are off having fun with Mimi and Nannie.

Had a nice dinner with Jerms plus a few others.

Saw a friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in years.

Tried to FaceTime with the boys, but they are having too much fun to talk with mom!!

I still need to fold the last load of laundry. I hate folding laundry. Unless it’s towels….Those are quick and painless.

Spent good quality time with my granny.

No running today. Off until Monday. I am not complaining about that. I am enjoying the break.

I feel like a had a pretty successful day.

I still need to get some work done on the magazine.

Thanks for following and reading my daily blogs!

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Photo on 9-14-13 at 9.53 PM